What is Sitemap? Types and its importance ?

Sitemap is a file that specifies the URL for each page on a website. It is used by search engines to find the pages of the website so that they can be crawled and indexed. Sitemap is a very important part of SEO. It works as a roadmap for our website. 

Types of sitemap

There are different types of sitemap 

XML Sitemap: 

XML sitemap is a text file, that provides a list of URLs on your site.

Html Sitemap: 

HTML Sitemap mainly use by human beings it helps users to navigate our website.

Image sitemap: 

Image sitemap helps search engines to find all images on our website.

Video sitemap:

 Video sitemap helps search engines to find all videos on our website

Why sitemap is important for our website:

  1. Website Navigation
  2. Increase website traffic 
  3. Fast Indexing

How to Submit Your Sitemap To Google

To submit your sitemap login to your Google Search Console account.

Then, go to “Index” → “Sitemaps” in the sidebar.

 to submit your sitemap, enter your sitemap’s URL into this field

URL “”

And then click on submit button.